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Why Is It So Important to Support Small Businesses?

This is one of my favorite topics to discuss! In fact, when I was on News4Jax for Small Business Saturday 2022, I actually got to talk about it -- find the link here.

Shopping small isn't just trendy or fun, it is actually incredibly important to both our local and national economy. Find out more below!

It supports the local economy & creates jobs!

Small businesses employ your neighbors, friends, and family - and keep the money in your local economy! Isn't that better than shopping at Target?

You get better customer service than Amazon...

It is no secret that big businesses don't care about your purchases.

Jeff Bezos does not need your $35 purchase to fund another rocket trip to space, trust me. But your friend's sister and brother-in-law who are supporting their family of four with their small business? That $35 order makes them all do a happy dance.

Small businesses foster community.

Have you ever noticed the vibrant energy that you can find at a local farmers or arts market? That is the direct result of the community-building that small businesses encourage.

I love the excitement and camaraderie I have found with my other small biz friends - there is so much support for both other businesses and our local community!

It helps fund a dream!

When I started Jasper & Elm, I was looking for a creative outlet and yes, a way to make some money while in grad school. While I am not in school now, I get to live out a dream of mine since college - running my own business.

Like I said earlier, your purchases make real people do real happy dances...I still do one with every single order, 2.5 years into this biz!

And I promise that I am not the only one who does!

Small businesses bring innovation.

That's right - innovation starts at the small business level. There may not be the same amount of funding for small businesses as there is at corporations like Apple or Tesla, but small businesses are still out here inventing and reinventing!

Above all - thank YOU for your support and encouragement. Because of your support, I get to raise my sweet baby at home and continue to pursue my passions!

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