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Common Queries

How should I take care of my clay earrings?

While durable and flexible, too much pressure or bending of polymer clay components can lead to cracks or other permanent damage. Improper care or storage may lead to damaged or broken earrings. If your earrings arrive broken, please contact me directly for a replacement pair.

Can I clean my clay earrings?

Avoid contact with perfumes, oils, lotions, jewelry, cleaners, etc on your clay pieces. If your clay pieces need to be cleaned, use a soft cloth with soap and water to gently cleanse. Do not get your earrings soaking wet! If your earrings are coated in resin, use a baby wipe to clean them off.

Can I clean the metal on my earrings?

Many earrings contain brass components. These metal pieces may require a little cleaning if tarnished. Use a brass cleaner to shine them up!

What is your return policy?

For Jasper & Elm's return and exchange policy, please click here.

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