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Jasper & Elm Supports COTA for Donate Life Month - April 2024

Organ transplants are a cause that is near and dear to my heart. After our son was born last year, we discovered he could have cystic fibrosis. The week of awaiting the test - and then the test results - was the longest week of our lives. 

To celebrate Donate Life Month, 10% of sales will be donated to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA), a national children’s charity that helps families cover the costs associated with transplants.

Why choose COTA?

COTA doesn't charge families for their services - nor do they take a cut of donations.

100% of donations in honor of COTA kids go directly to offset transplant expenses - COTA even covers the cost of the credit card processing fees!

Transplants are costly.

Even with medical insurance, transplant costs are not entirely covered. Transplants can cost anywhere from $150,000 to over $1 million.

Medications, travel to hospitals, food bills, and more add up quickly - oftentimes two households are created, as one parent travels to appointments and hospital visits while the other remains at home. COTA helps alleviate the financial burden families experience.

Fundraising support from COTA staff.

COTA staff work closely with each family to help train them to fundraise for their child's transplant. Fundraising websites are also provided by COTA, along with support to manage said website.

Staff members are also available to process reimbursements and answer questions quickly.

COTA provides services free of charge!

This is a HUGE benefit to families - they get the benefit of support, encouragement, and fundraising training from professionals without assuming another burden of expense.

Patient campaign donations are not used for operating expenses, either - 100% of donations in honor of COTA kids go directly to offset transplant expenses!

Why should you be an organ donor?

One person can provide lifesaving organ donations for up to eight people, and with a transplant waiting list where a person is added every ten minutes, it is vital that organ donors exist. More than 100,000 people are currently waiting for lifesaving organ, eye, and tissue donations.

For more information on how you can become an organ donor, click here to go to the Donate Life website.

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