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Tools Every Polymer Clay Jewelry Artist Needs: 2024 Update

If you're reading this, you are either just beginning your clay journey or are considering starting to play around with clay and jewelry-making.

Clay is a wonderful medium, and working with your hands is incredibly rewarding. I wanted to put together a couple of my favorite work pieces to help give you a short "shopping list" as you get going.

Let's get this party started!

#1 - Marble or Glass Tile for Working

This glass tile is absolutely perfect for clay work. It is easy to clean and the surface is very stable, a must when cutting out your earring shapes. I used this glass one for a long time and loved it!

I now use a slab of marble, which has a silky surface that is less sticky than glass, so clay is even less likely to get left behind on it. Pro tip: I snagged a marble serving tray for cheap at a home store (and it already has a backing to protect my work station).

These are lifesavers! I do not do a ton of work cutting metal chains but these are have sharp chain-cutters close to the handle. It makes assembly so much easier!

This is not the "nicest" pack of pliers, BUT Bead Landing has great supplies for a low price. I still use many of these after three years!

The days of using two pairs of pliers to open a jump ring - or even worse, using a fingernail *shudder* - are over! The jump ring openers are a life AND time-saver for the maker on the go.

PS: I am still shocked that so many people don't use these! It is so much easier to navigate opening a jump ring with one of these than trying to use two pairs of pliers!

Reels are the best way to grow your social following right now, so you have to have the proper tools to record your creation process. I use this lamp from Canvas, but you can find similar ones on Amazon and at craft stores.

Acrylic rollers are perfect for clay, because they are easy to clean and the clay doesn't stick to them. I like this 8in option because it covers more area than smaller ones.

Hope this helps you on your polymer clay journey!

As a reminder, I do NOT receive any monetary benefits from sharing my tips and tricks, so if you find this content useful, please tag me in your posts - you can find me @jasperandelm across social platforms.

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