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Top 5 Summer Earring Styles

Looking for the perfect summer accessories? Need the right pair of earrings to match your cruise outfits? Look no further - I have compiled our top 5 bestselling summery earrings for YOU!

First up, the Watermelon Hoops!

Seriously, is there anything cuter than these clear hoops featuring tiny slices of watermelon inside of them?!

No, no there is not!

These adorable hoops will put you in a good mood every time you see them, let alone every time you wear them :)

Next up, these Neutral Statement Drops!

Whether you choose the pearl marbled color (pictured on the right!) or the tortoiseshell option, you will LOVE these earrings as soon as you put them on!

They are lightweight, have a ton of great movement, and will match everything in your closet!

Nothing says drama like some Evil-Eye Inspired Earrings!

These were so popular earlier this spring that they entirely sold out in less than a day - I did not even have a chance to put them on the website!

Whether you're a hoop person or a simple hook type of peep, these earrings have a little something for everyone!

Drama: 100000/10.

Cuteness: 904578230482308/10.

Add a beachy flair to your outfit with Real Shell Earrings!

I am having a moment where I want to make everything have a pearl or natural shell drop...and the combo of a gold-plated brass starfish stud and this shell piece was too cute for me to resist!

These earrings are handmade to be enjoyed on a beach, a cruise, or out at dinner when you're landlocked and dreaming of a retreat by the water!

Plus, that neutral color combo means they can be worn with anything!

Finally, don't forget that wedding season is here - these Mini Sparkly Drops are going to be your best friend!

I love these dainty and sparkly babes - they have enough glam for any fancy event, whether you're a bridesmaid, a bride, or a guest!

You will not regret adding these to your collection of J&E jewelry - and you will always receive compliments while wearing them!

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