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How to Easily Style Statement Earrings with Confidence!

The scene: you just bought the CUTEST and funkiest earrings. You are positively buzzing with excitement and cannot wait to wear them!

But then you get home and realize...what the heck are you supposed to wear with them?! Keep reading to learn how I style my funkiest, loudest, and largest earrings!

First off - you are not alone! Heck, I sometimes struggle to figure out the best outfits for my own personal jewelry collection!

Tip 1: Don't panic!

You bought these earrings for a reason - you love them! Don't let that self doubt cut in and ruin the joy. Wear what you love and the rest will fall in place.

Tip 2: Keep it simple

When in doubt, break out the all black outfit (jumpsuit, dress, etc) and let the earrings be the star of the show.

Black is a great color and matches everything, so this way your earrings are not having to fight with another color or pattern.

Pop on a simple necklace and maybe some bracelets and you are good to go.

Tip 3: Mix and match patterns

Patterns are meant to be mixed and matched! Pair a small pattern (earrings) with a larger pattern on your top or dress. This could be striped earrings with a floral top, or vice versa.

If you have a pair of earrings with lots of color options, that is even more helpful. You can pick from a variety of colors to match.

Tip 4: When in doubt, just do it

Honestly, most days I just wear the earrings that I love the most and call it a day. When I want to feel a little dressier in my leggings and t-shirt, I add my brightly patterned 3" lightning bolt earrings that have no fewer than seven colors in them. While it may not seem like they'd match a lot at first glance, pairing them with a casual outfit helps them stand out!

Tip 5: Pair with cute hair accessories

I looooove to match my earrings and headbands - by contrasting the two! You can find me almost every day wearing a headband or scrunchie from Scrumptchie with my earrings.

It's 2023 and there really are not many "rules" left to determine how we can dress and mix colors. Wear your favorite pieces and you will feel good!

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