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My Favorite Polymer Clay Small Business Tools: For Pros or Hobbyists!

Please note that I do NOT make a commission off of ANY of the posted links. This is not affiliate marketing, I am simply sharing some of my favorite tools!

This blog will give you a helpful bird's eye view of what it is to be a polymer clay artist - whether you are designing jewelry as a hobbyist or a small business!


I started working with polymer clay at the end of 2020, becuase - to nobody's surprise - a global pandemic caused me to need a new artistic outlet. Instead of singing in a choir, I decided to try a new art form!

Polymer clay kept popping up on my Instagram feed, so I decided to give it a try. I bought a VERY crappy set of clay from Amazon (don't do that, just order from Michaels and be sure to buy Sculpey, NOT Sculpey III! Cernit is also a lovely brand and their translucent is my absolute favorite to work with).

One thing that remains pretty true after three plus years of skulking around on poly clay Instagram is that not everyone likes to share their tools!

Hopefully this helps shed light on some of the basic "must have" tools and supplies. Let's dig in!

What should I have on my desk?

Part #1: Setting Up Your Workspace / Studio for Polymer Clay

Part #2: My Favorite Tools for Filming Polymer Clay Processes

Part #3: How to Display Finished Products


Part #1: Setting Up Your Workspace / Studio for Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is an extremely versatile medium, and having the right basic tools will set you up for success when you have your workspace settled upon. Personally, I like to work in my kitchen because I have a tiled floor that is easy to clean in case of spills or squished polymer clay.

I felt overwhelmed seeing a bunch of majorly aesthetic work spaces.

Mine is NOT aesthetic.

It is typically extremely messy, with the exception of the small area where I actually make things...and even then, the cleanest part is only what gets filmed!

These are the most commonly used tools on my desk:

  1. My favorite lamp ever - super bright, gives great light to my reels!

  2. Acrylic organizer - I toss my leftover clay into drawers organized by color, so sometimes I do not even have to open a new pack of clay, as I already have what I need in front of me!

  3. Stainless steel or acrylic rolling pin - the stainless steel helps remove any pesky lines left behind by your pasta roller!

  4. Pasta roller - mainly people are fans of this one! I liked it, and recommend stating with this one over diving straight into a Lucy. Just remember: after you use the pasta roller for clay, you CANNOT use it for food! This linked model is specifically not for use with food.

Part 2: My Favorite Tools for Filming Polymer Clay Processes

The dreaded social media. While it is true that it is entirely possible to have a thriving business with a very small - or even nonexistent - social media following, it does help the validity of your business to have a place where people can see your past work.

I have a few simple tools that I use all of the time - and I totally recommend them to anyone who needs suggestions!

  1. Phone mount - I could not find the exact one I use, but this is pretty close!

  2. See the lamp I mentioned in the previous section - it is a great piece!

  3. A backdrop for your table: I use a place mat like this - cheap and efficient! Plus, you can thrift these easily and use them for photo backdrops when you take product pictures!

Your social media branding or aesthetic does NOT need to match the ones that you see online - your studio does not need to be beige and white and sterile. IT needs to be practical and useful to YOU.

Part #3: How to Display Finished Products

How finished products are displayed varies by maker. I punch holes in all my earring cards and hang them from hooks, but I have to have the holes in the cards for my market set up.

If you do not need to hole punch cards, you can hang them using paper clips! I found that IKEA had the best options for quality and price when it came to getting my office set up.

  1. Pegboards from IKEA - perfect size for displaying your polymer clay products!

  2. Hooks for pegboards - I have lots of these, as I like to be able to hang each style on their own hook.

  3. Mini hooks - the best for hanging individual necklaces.

  4. Customized desk - choose the legs, surface, and storage options! I have linked a few options.

Remember: Your style and preferences might be different than mine. I hope this guide serves as a nice starter for getting you going on your polymer clay journey!

Again, I do NOT receive any commissions or monetary benefits from sharing these links, so if you happen to purchase and love anything I mentioned...tag me on Instagram, Facebook, Threads, or TikTok! I'm on those platforms (plus tumblr and Pinterest under @jasperandelm).

Thanks for reading and happy creating!

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