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Gorgeous preppy floral earrings in a combo of teal, pink, and green on simple hooks.

These can also be made into clip-ons - please leave a note at checkout.

Due to the nature of these patterns, there may be a slight difference in color/pattern between each pair.

Preppy Pink & Teal Acrylic Earring

  • About

    • Handmade in sunny Jacksonville, FL
    • All orders are shipped via USPS
    • Due to the nature of this product it is non-refundable
    • If you have issues or concerns about your purchase, please contact me directly
    • Each pair are entirely handmade by me from start to finish – this includes the exact colors, the perfecting of each piece, and the final finished product!

    Clay Earring Care

    • Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to remove oils or makeup, but limit contact with lotions and perfumes.
    • Polymer clay is flexible but can be damaged or even broken with too much force.

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