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Five FREE Ways to Support Small Businesses Today

If you're reading this, you are clearly a fan of small businesses! But how do you support a small business when you either don't have the budget to buy, or it is not a business local to you?

Read on for five tips on how you can support small businesses for FREE!

#1: Write a review

Write a review on Google & their website - it helps new customers ensure they are picking the right business to support!

#2: Engage on social media

Likes, shares, comments - it all adds up and helps small businesses on social media!

#3: Tell a friend

Word of mouth is SO important to small businesses! Invite friends to like their page on FB & follow on IG/TT/Pinterest , etc.

#4: Give a shout out

Tag them when sharing photos of yourself wearing and/or using their products. 

#5: Subscribe!

Subscribing to emails means you get first dibs on sales, new drops, and what is there to lose?! 

Now, go out there and support your favorite small businesses!

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