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Finding the Energy When it is Tough

Hey there, friend. It's been a while since I have updated the blog, so let's take a minute and check in. How's life? Is this heat killing you slowly too, or is that just Florida?

Now that we've caught up, I wanted to update the blog to chat with you a little about how things are going behind-the-scenes here at J&E.

I have been busy with markets (I did a record EIGHT MARKETS back in April, and while I had fun I don't recommend doing that when it is just you in your kitchen making a bunch of earrings!).

I am not quite ready to hire a second pair of hands to help with production, but I have generally figured out my own "best practices" to make keeping stock a little less panic-inducing.

The main problem with being a one-woman show is that it can be incredibly easy to become either overwhelmed or burned out AND overwhelmed by the job. When you are a small business, you are everything to - marketing director, CEO, CFO, head of design, etc etc etc.

This summer, I am working on finding the delicate balance that allows for me to pursue fun new endeavors (hello, sewing machine that has been sitting unused on my desk for four months & also the embroidery kit that I have had for over a year and not touched) AND lets me take on custom orders and do regular website drops.

I have realized that in order to take on these fun new projects, I must also take time to do things that I love that are NOT work-related. For me, this looks like taking time to watch favorite movies or TV shows, hitting the gym a few times a week, and actually caring whether I eat greens every day (I do care, but it is work to make sure I do it!).

I am also excited to be featuring a new nonprofit every month alongside special collections relating to it - stay tuned for the next blog post to see what was chosen for this month! For a direct spoiler, click here.

Disclaimer: Links in this post might be affiliate links, so if you purchase a product through the links I have provided, I may receive a small commission.

This causes no additional cost for you, but helps me to provide free, consistent, quality content!

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