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2024 Updated Care Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry Looking Brand New

Nothing is more upsetting than forgetting to take proper care of your spent good money on it, so let's make sure that it lasts a lifetime!

Jasper & Elm jewelry is made with high quality components to ensure a long life, but these are a few easy ways to keep your jewelry looking fresh for longer!

How to Properly Store Your Jewelry

  • Put it away in a cool, dry area. A jewelry box in your bedroom is much safer than the bathroom sink!

  • When traveling, bring your jewelry in a travel box like this one (or a sealed plastic bag, to keep out excess moisture).

  • Store gemstone items away from others. Some stones, like opal, are softer and can be scratched if they are being smashed into rings, etc.

General Jewelry Care Tips

  • Do NOT wear jewelry in water. This means no bathing or swimming in oceans, lakes, or pools!

  • Avoid chemicals like sunscreen, aerosols, and makeup. Put your jewelry on after you have finished getting ready for the day!

  • Don't wear your jewelry to the gym. While tempting to keep looking cute, it is better for the metals and gemstones to not be heavily sweated on!

  • Polish with a soft, dry cloth. This can help to brighten up your most worn pieces!

Jewelry is made to be worn...

But that doesn't mean it can go without basic care! By following these simple care suggestions, you will keep your jewelry looking beautiful for a long time.

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